Can I use the Pillow Cover Longer as a blanket?2021-04-21T18:01:42+10:00

Yes, the Colux Pillow Lounger Cover can be used as a blanket. Simply remove all pillows from the pillow lounger  cover and configure the cover into a square.

Is the Pillow Cover Lounger safe for pets?2021-04-21T18:02:20+10:00

Yes, the Colux Pillow Lounger Cover is safe for pets.

How do I change the Pillow Cover Lounger into different shapes?2021-04-21T17:57:06+10:00

The shape of the pillow  cover lounger can be reconfigured into a square, single or twin lounger utilising multi-functional zippers:

Is the product Child Safe?2021-04-21T17:17:35+10:00

Yes our product is Child Safe . It has been certified by the Oeko-Tex 100 Standard TEX for Class 1 “Articles for Babies and Toddlers”.

The OEKO-TEX® laboratory tests include around 100 test parameters and take into account the intended use of the textiles. The more intensive the skin contact of a textile product, the stricter the limit values for each product class. There are 4 product classes:

Product class 1: Articles for babies and toddlers

Product class 2: Articles with direct contact to the skin

Product class 3: Articles without direct contact to the skin

Product class 4: Home textile


How do I make the Pillow Lounger Cover GLOW?2021-04-21T18:02:54+10:00

The fabric must be exposed to a bright light source before use for a minimum of 10- 30 minutes. This can be natural sunlight, torch or artificial light.

Does the Colux Pillow Lounger come with Pillows?2021-04-21T17:58:04+10:00

No it does not come with Pillows, just  simply add 6 standard Queen size pillows and you have a ready made Pillow Lounger that can be configure any three ways, Straight (26″x103″), Square (52″x52″) or Twin Toddler Lounger (26″x52″).